Lumberyard 1.25 Released

After the incredibly frustrating release of Lumberyard 1.24 it’s safe to say I had low expectations of Lumberyard 1.25.  Thankfully this release has proven me wrong.

Key features of the Lumberyard 1.25 release:

  • The Updated Starter Game brings you an updated sample project that uses best practices for Script Canvas, physics, terrain, and more. Check out our new character, Valena the Astronaut!
  • An updated UI makes it easier to navigate the editor and iterate quickly in your project. You will see new colors, new fonts and font sizes, new styles, updated controls. and many other tweaks to the look of the UI throughout the Editor. The new UI is more than a uniform aesthetic; it’s a cohesive set of components and rules grounded in industry-standard interaction patterns to ease onboarding, improve editor efficiency, and support the development of custom tools and interface extensions. This update also improves support for 4k/high dpi displays and multi-monitor setups.
  • Level designers have reason to celebrate: Lumberyard 1.25 introduces the brand-new White Box Tool. With the White Box tool gem, designers can sketch with temporary geometry to define dimensions and forms that represent 3D objects and environments. Most white box geometry is built to quickly mock-up gameplay spaces or objects so game designers and engineers can focus on building the game.
  • Script Canvas Functions are here! Script Canvas now offers reusable graphs, called functions. Graph functions that you create become available for use as nodes in other graphs.
  • Lumberyard 1.25 adds a new way to serialize source files that uses a simpler and cleaner JSON format in order to fit better into artists/designers workflows.
  • We’re introducing Landscape Canvas: a node-based tool for visualizing/authoring data for Dynamic Vegetation. Any content you have already authored for Dynamic Vegetation is backwards compatible; Landscape Canvas can automatically parse and build a graph for you. It is also built on the same graphical node library (Graph Canvas) that Script Canvas uses, so it has the same look and feel.
  • Over 120 bug fixes!

The complete release notes are available here.  The biggest new feature of Lumberyard 1.25 to me however was the fact it finally just worked out of the box, a HUGE step forward.  You can learn more about the Lumberyard 1.25 release and see the new White Box gem in action in the video below.

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