Lumberyard 1.26 Released

Lumberyard 1.26 Released

Amazon have just released a new version of their CryEngine derived game engine, Lumberyard. Lumberyard is free to use, with the source code available, so long as your multiplayer services are either self hosted or use Amazon technologies. The 1.26 release brings several new features, including several around quality of …

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Lumberyard 1.25 Game Engine Released

Lumberyard 1.25 Released

After the incredibly frustrating release of Lumberyard 1.24 it’s safe to say I had low expectations of Lumberyard 1.25.  Thankfully this release has proven me wrong.Key features of the Lumberyard 1.25 release:The Updated Starter Game brings you an updated sample project that uses best practices for Script Canvas, physics, terrain, and more. Check out our […]

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