Make Godot Engine More Organized with TODO Manager

A follow up on our earlier discussion on how to improve the Godot game engine (by making it prettier), today we look at another handy plugin that makes Godot more organized. If you are used to littering your code with TODO or FIXME type comments, this handy add-on helps you organize and manage your TODOs.

Key features of TODO Manager

Simple and flexible

  • Supports GDScript, C# and GDNative
  • Seamlessly integrated into the Godot dock
  • Lenient syntax. Write TODOs that suit your style
  • Quickly jump to lines and launch external editors


  • Add your own RegEx patterns
  • Set colours to your liking

The project can be installed from the GitHub link (provided below) or directly via the Godot AssetLib. This is a Godot 4.x add-on, but there is an earlier Godot 3.x version available as well.

Key Links

TODO Manager GitHub Page

Godot Asset Library Entry

You can learn more about TODO Manager, how to install and how to customize it in the video below.

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