Orbital Market — A Better Unreal Engine Marketplace

At GDC 2023 it was announced the Unreal Engine marketplace is going to be replaced with Fab a new game engine agnostic marketplace composed of the UE market, Sketchfab, ArtStation and Quixel Megascans. In the interim we are stuck with the Unreal Engine Marketplace which has never had the best user experience. Thankfully, there is Orbital Station, a free and open source alternative search/front-end using the UE marketplace APIs.

Orbital Market is described as:

Orbital Market is a project to improve the Unreal Engine marketplace. It’s basically a fast search engine with a lot of options. (If you have any suggestion/idea, don’t hesitate to create a topic in the discussions part)

Key Link

Orbital-Market Home

Github Repository

You can learn more about Orbital Market for Unreal Engine and see it in action in the video below.

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