Four Godot 4 Graphic Demo Scenes

Godot 4 was recently released and contains an all new renderer and plenty of new graphic features. Today we are going to look at 3 free and 1 commercial scenes for showing off the graphic capabilities of the Godot Engine.

Godot Third Person Demo (TPS-DEMO)

Available open source on GitHub, the TPS demo was created to showcase the capabilities of Godot 3.x. It is being updated to run on Godot 4, just be sure to check out the 4.0-dev branch. In addition to showcasing graphical capabilities, the TPS demo is a full slice of gameplay, so it shows how to create a third person controlled character, enemies, shooting, menu support and more.

Sponza Demo — Updated Version

Sponza, a famous 3d reproduction of the Sponza Palace in Croatia has long been a popular demo for showcasing game engines. It is a nice lighting example as it showcases both in-door and outdoor lighting in a single scene. In April of 2022 Intel released a modernized version of Sponza with FBX and GLTF versions. In addition to Sponza base level there are curtain, ivy and tree add-ons, as well as new FX additions. While you are going to set up your own lighting, Sponza offers a very high resolution, highly detailed environment.

Lumberyard Bistro

The Lumberyard Bistro is another iconic graphic demo scene created by the Lumberyard team in 2017 to showcase the rendering capabilities of that engine (now O3DE). The original scene is available here and here. Even better, there is a Godot 4 version, converted and configured to work ideally in the Godot 4 game engine available here.

Synty Demo Projects

Currently featured in a Humble Bundle (ending VERY soon) is the Best of POLYGON Bundle which contains several themed low polygon asset backs, with excellent demonstration levels. If you are looking for a more low-polygon scene, these are excellent choices. When importing into Godot, use the FBX option, but be sure to first copy the textures into the same folder as the FBX file before importing.

You can see all 4 of these demo scenes/levels in action in the Godot 4 game engine in the video below.

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