Phaser 3.50 Released

The open source cross platform HTML5 game framework just got a major update, Phaser 3.50. We’ve long been a fan of Phaser, going back to Phaser 2 with our Complete Phaser Game tutorial as well as our Phaser 3 tutorial video. The Phaser 3.50 release is called the single biggest Phaser release yet.

Details from the Phaser blog:

After 13 beta releases, over 200 resolved issues, thousands of lines of new code and the culmination of over 6 months incredibly hard work, Phaser 3.50 is finally here.

It’s not hyperbole or exaggeration when I say that Phaser 3.50 is the single biggest point release ever in the history of Phaser. There are quite literally hundreds of new features to explore, updates to key areas and of course bug fixes. I did actually try counting all the changes, but gave up after I’d reached 900 of them! Thankfully, they are, as always, meticulously detailed in the Change Log. The changes for 3.50 actually grew so large that I had to split them out from the main Change Log and put them into their own file.

However, don’t let this overwhelm you. A massive number of the changes are purely internal and while there are absolutely some API breaking changes in this release (hence the large version number jump), we’ve kept them as sensible as possible. We already know of lots of devs who have upgraded with minimal, or no, changes to their actual game code. We cannot guarantee that for everyone, of course, but depending on how complex your game is, the chances are good.

This release comes with several new examples and all of the existing examples have been audited to guarantee they are compatible with version 3.50. Major new features from Phaser 3.50 include an improved post processing effect pipeline, 3D Mesh game objects, multi texture support, isometric and hexagonal maps directly from Tiled support, Aseprite export support with animations, point lighting game objects and much much more.

Full details of the hundreds of changes in this release can be found in the release notes. Phaser is an open source project under the MIT source license and is available on GitHub. You can learn more about the Phaser 3.50 release in the video below.

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