Photon Quantum Now Free For Developers

Deterministic networking solution Quantum, from Photon (the creators of the PUN networking solution) is now available for free for Unity developers. Previously only available in an invite only format, Photon Quantum is now available for all Unity developers and is free for use with development (and deployment, up to 25 CCU).

Key features of Quantum include:

No Netcode – Multiplayer by Default: With Quantum, you can create a multiplayer game without writing any netcode. Just create a single simulation with multiple connected players, similar to developing a local multiplayer experience.

Low Bandwidth with Input Only:  Game clients only exchange input, distributed to the players at high frequencies through our Photon Cloud. Use webhooks to connect your backend or plugins to run server-side custom code.

Optimized for Extreme Performance: Each component of Quantum’s ECS architecture provides the necessary performance to run even physics-intensive multiplayer games on PCs, consoles, VR and on mobile phones.

Cheat Protection by Design: Deterministic games inherently resist cheating. Combat cheaters through methods like replay validation or server referee simulations which is the most effective anti-cheat measure.

Cross-Platform Determinism: Simulations coded in Quantum do not have any dependencies on Unity and can run anywhere.

Zero Lag E-Sport Grade: All local actions are executed with zero lag while remote inputs are predicted and rolled-back for a seamless multiplayer gaming experience.

Replays & Spectating:  The engine supports in-game replays and built-in spectating, allowing you to implement features such as kill cams and live streaming.

Bot SDK Addon: Create engaging multiplayer experiences by using bots to fill rooms and replace departing players, ensuring a consistent player base for your game.

Key Links

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Technical Introduction

You can learn more about the Photon Quantum deterministic networking solution for the Unity game engine, which is now available for development for free, in the video below.

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