Pixelbox.js Game Engine

Pixelbox is a brand new all-in-one 2D game engine perfect for game jams or other small projects.  Combining an easy to use JavaScript API with a complete set of editing tools including a map editor, sprite tools, palette tools, sound FX and music tools in a single >60MB download.  Pixelbox is open source under the MIT license.

Documentation for Pixelbox coding is available on the GitHub page.  There is also a beginners tutorial available over on Itch.io.  Pixelbox also includes a stand alone music tracker application called Pata Tracker, documentation for which is available here.

Pixelbox is available for download on Windows and MacOS right here.  Since it is an electron application, it should be possible to build a Linux install, but no binaries are currently provided.  You can learn more about Pixelbox in the video below.

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