Playstation Suite now in open beta



We’ve been following the Playstation SDK for a while now, including the wonderful news it will be quite inexpensive about a month back.  Now the suite is one step closer, today Sonypssuitetgs2011 announced an open beta and it is completely free.






So, what exactly does Playstation Suiite SDK 0.98 contain?



PS Suite SDK is a software package for developing applications that can be run on the PlayStation®Vita system and PlayStation™Certified devices.

PS Suite SDK includes PC applications such as PC Suite Studio, as well as PS Suite UI Composer for laying out UI components.

Further, in addition to basic graphic and sound libraries, PS Suite SDK also includes GameEngine2D for games using 2D graphics, Physics2D for 2D physical engine, as well as superior libraries such as the UI component library UI Toolkit.

Rather than providing only basic samples for explaining each basic API, the SDK also gives you access to samples of games and applications using 2D and 3D graphics.




So, head on over to the developer page at and go get it!  The download weighs in at 287MB.  I’ll be playing around with it today and will hopefully have some impressions up shortly.



Hmmm, perhaps I wont.


You shall hold the PS Suite SDK itself and any other information provided, from time to time, to you from SCE or SCE’s affiliated companies designated as “Confidential” ("Confidential Information") in confidence, using reasonable care to maintain the confidentiality of the Confidential Information. You agree not to use, except for the purposes of this Agreement, any and all of the Confidential Information.


Well, that’s a bit of a bummer, I can’t review or disclose further information on the Playstation Suite SDK even though it is in open beta?  I am wondering if this EULA is left over from when it was in closed beta, as that makes very little sense.


Even more disturbing is the line after that one:

You shall not release or disclose to any third party Your Work or other product which is developed through use of the PS Suite SDK without SCE’s prior written consent (including by electronic means such as email). In the event that SCE requests to publicize all or a portion of Your Work, you shall use its best efforts to accommodate such request and cooperate with SCE in connection with such publication


So basically, you cant let other people see your work without Sony’s written consent.  Eww.


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