Raylib Game Development Tools

Raylib is an open source C/C++ powered framework for game development we first covered way back in 2016. Since that time Raylib has grown in popularity and recently released Raylib 4.0 with a ton of new features and functionality. In addition to the game development framework however, there are also a suite of tools for game developers, which are now available on the RayLibTech page over on Itch.io.

Even if you are not using the Raylib frameworks, these tools could be of interest to you. Composed of 7 components currently, rFXGen, rTexViewer, rTextPacker and rIconPacker are usable with any game engine or framework you wish to use. The three remaining tools, rGuiStyler, rGuiIcons and rGuiLayout are really only of use to those using Raylib.

The nice thing about all of the above tools is they all have a GUI interface, as well as a command line interface (CLI), making it easy to work these tools into an automated or batch workflow. rFXGen is an sound effects generator based off the popular sfxr. rTextViewer is a image manipulation Swiss army tool, enabling you to resize, modify and reencode images… and of course it’s an texture viewer. rTextPacker is a texture packing, or image atlas generating tool, but it is also capable of creating bitmap fonts from TTF files. Finally rIconPacker is a simple utility for creating multiple icon files from a single image.

Key Links

RayLibTech Tools Homepage on Itch

RayLib Framework Homepage

All of the tools are available for free. You can check out the RayLib tools in action in the video below.

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