Rootex Game Engine Review

Rootex is an open source C++ based game engine. Rootex is available under the MIT open source license on GitHub. The engine is Windows only, using DirectX 11, and is implemented as an Entity Component System. Scripting is done using the Lua programming language, and is described in the online documentation available here. The Rootex engine is developed for their own private unannounced game project and should not really be used for a production title, but it could be a useful learning source for engine developers.

Features of Rootex include:

  • Based on the popular Entity-Component-System architecture
    • Allows performance benefits due to better CPU cache usage.
  • Full editor GUI implemented in ImGui
    • Similar to Unreal Engine’s editor for added familiarity and ease of use.
  • 3D DirectX 11 renderer
    • Dynamic Phong-model lighting
    • CPU particle effects
    • High resolution textures and other popular rendering effects.
  • Physics engine powered by Bullet 3D, allowing for flexible, realistic and easy-to-work-with physics in game.
  • Audio engine supporting 3D sound attenuation and stereo sound.
  • Lua scripting engine with functionality exposed for easy game curation in engine.
  • Applies the event-based programming paradigm for better maintainability for game code.

If you are interested in joining this project or need help, be sure to check out their Discord Server available here. You can learn more about Rootex and see the editor in action in the video below.

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