Rust Powered Bevy Game Engine Release 0.13

The Rust powered open source 2D/3D ECS based game engine Bevy just released Bevy 0.13. This release comes a mere 3 months since Bevy 0.12 and contains hundreds of changes and improvements. Highlights of the Bevy 0.13 release include:

  • Lightmaps: A fast, popular baked global illumination technique for static geometry (baked externally in programs like The Lightmapper).
  • Irradiance Volumes / Voxel Global Illumination: A baked form of global illumination that samples light at the centers of voxels within a cuboid (baked externally in programs like Blender).
  • Approximate Indirect Specular Occlusion: Improved lighting realism by reducing specular light leaking via specular occlusion.
  • Reflection Probes: A baked form of axis aligned environment map that allows for realistic reflections for static geometry (baked externally in programs like Blender)
  • Primitive shapes: Basic shapes are a core building block of both game engines and video games: we’ve added a polished, ready-to-use collection of them!
  • System stepping: Completely pause and advance through your game frame-by-frame or system-by-system to interactively debug game logic, all while rendering continues to update.
  • Dynamic queries: Refining queries from within systems is extremely expressive, and is the last big puzzle piece for runtime-defined types and third-party modding and scripting integration.
  • Automatically inferred command flush points: Tired of reasoning about where to put apply_deferred and confused about why your commands weren’t being applied? Us too! Now, Bevy’s scheduler uses ordinary .before and .after constraints and inspects the system parameters to automatically infer (and deduplicate) synchronization points.
  • Slicing, tiling and nine-patch 2D images: Ninepatch layout is a popular tool for smoothly scaling stylized tilesets and UIs. Now in Bevy!
  • Camera-Driven UI: UI entity trees can now be selectively added to any camera, rather than being globally applied to all cameras, enabling things like split screen UIs!
  • Camera Exposure: Realistic / “real world” control over camera exposure via EV100, f-stops, shutter speed, and ISO sensitivity. Lights have also been adjusted to make their units more realistic.
  • Animation interpolation modes: Bevy now supports non-linear interpolation modes in exported glTF animations.

Be sure to check the complete release notes available below for a much more in-depth list of the new features in the 0.13 release.

Key Links

Bevy Homepage

Bevy 0.13 Release Notes

Bevy Discord Server

San Miguel Example from Video

You can learn more about the Bevy 0.13 release in the video below.

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