Spine 3.4 Released


Spine 3.4 was just released.  Spine is a 2D bone based IK animation system I previously covered in depth here if you are looking for more information.  The 3.4 release brings a number of new features including:paths-tank


    • improved transform constraints
    • shearing (skew/squash/stretch)
    • paths and path constraints (see image to right)
    • spine-sfml, cocos2dx and objc now 3.4 compatible
    • spine-csharp, unity, xna and monogame all 3.4 compatible
    • cocos2d-x v2 runtime deprecated
    • new example projects illustrating path functionality
    • runtimes for Flash currently in progress
    • introduction of Beta versions





You can read more about the release here.

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