Spline 3D Modeling Application

Today we are checking out Spline, an extremely easy to use 3D modelling application. Spline can run in your browser or can be installed on Windows, Mac (M1 & Intel) and Linux. Spline has an incredibly generous free mode and could be a very good introduction to 3D modeling.

Features of Spline include:

Realtime Collaboration

Work with your team in real-time and set individual permissions.

3D Modeling

Parametric objects, polygonal editing, and more.


Give life to your 3d objects.

Interactive Experiences

Enable interactivity on your objects.


Control the look of your scene.

3D Sculpting

Create organic shapes.

Key Links

Spline Homepage

Discord Server

Web App Link

You can learn more about the Spline 3D modeling application and see it in action in the video below.

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