SRPG Studio Now Available On Steam

SRPG Studio is a “no programming required” style jRPG engine that specializes in turned based tactical games.  It has been available for some time in Japan, but is now available for a broader audience on Steam.  SRPG Studio is exclusive to Windows, both as a development environment and a target.  It isn’t exceedingly well documented, but is fairly intuitive to learn.  There is a demo available for download on the Steam store page.

Details of SRPG Studio from the Steam store:

You can create your games without knowing how to draw and program!

Do you think that you need professional knowledge to create a game? It’s not true! In the SRPG Studio, SRPG basic system and various graphic materials are already prepared, so you don’t have to do complicated things on your own. You can create your games just by setting up your original characters and scenarios!

Other players can also enjoy playing your games!

It is normal that you want to share your game with other people to play, not just for yourself. There is a function of ‘Project Release’ in the SRPG Studio. You can always output your created games as files with that function. In addition, you can distribute your games as paid games.

You can use original materials!

It’s such fun if you can use your original graphics or music in your games. In the SRPG Studio, not only graphics and music, fonts and videos can also be built into your games!

Various functions satisfy advanced players!

The SRPG Studio is a native application and optimized for Windows OS, so the game performance is incredibly fast. The JavaScript is chosen as a script language and you can build up your own unique game system. In addition, the file export function is equipped so you can easily develop games together with graphic designers or scenario writers etc.

You can watch SRPG briefly in action in the following video.

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