Spaceship Generator

Spaceship Generator

Today we are taking a look at Spaceship Generator, an open source procedural space ship creator add-on for Blender. Spaceship generator can automatically create a variety of space craft, like the ones below.The above link is for Blender 2.7x only. Fortunately a user has created a Blender 2.8x compatible port that is available here on […]

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Inkscape 1.0 Release Candidate

Inkscape 1.0 Release Candidate 1

Inskscape, the open source cross platform vector graphics application, just released the first release candidate on the way to a full 1.0 release.  Along side the RC1 release, they also released version 0.92.5 of the stable branch.Details of the two releases from the Inkscape news pages:Inkscape 0.92.5While we are working to release Inkscape 1.0 in […]

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PixaFlux Procedural Graphics Review

PixaFlux Hands-On

Today we are taking a look at PixaFlux, an interesting free Windows based image creation and manipulation tool capable of creating PBR textures.  The entire process is node based and PixaFlux ships with an absolute ton of nodes to work with.  PixaFlux isn’t really easily described and is better seen or experienced, as you can […]

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Effekseer 1.5

EDIT – It seems we have pushed the download server capacity.  If you want to download Effekseer, use this mirror instead.Effekseer is an open source particle effect creation tool we covered previously in this video.  They just recently released version 1.5:New features include:Material Editor A new node-based material editor has appeared. Further expression is possible […]

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ZBrush 2020 Released

ZBrush 2020.1 Released

Pixologic have released version 2020.1 of their long running sculpting application ZBrush.  Along side the ZBrush release they now have a fully functioning 30 day trial available for download here.Details of the 2020.1 release:XTractor Brushes – Convert detail from your model into a new alpha or texture for reuse elsewhere. HistoryRecall Brush – Project a […]

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Affinity Products 50% Off

Affinity Products Half Price And Free For 3 Months

Serif, the makers of Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo are currently offering all of their products at a 50% discount.  Additionally they are now offering a completely functional 3 month demo download.Full details from the Affinity announcement:With all that’s going on right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic and in response to the many stories […]

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NVidia Texture Tool Released

NVIDIA Texture Tools

NVIDIA just released a new version of their free Texture Tools.  Texture Tools is a handy tool for compressing textures, generating MIP, normal and cube maps and more.  It also includes a Photoshop plugin and can be driven from a command line interface.Details from the NVIDIA developer site:Today, we’re releasing the free NVIDIA Texture Tools […]

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Quixel Mixer 2020 Tutorial Banner with a Plane

Quixel Mixer 2020 Released

Hot on the heels of Quixel Bridge 2020, Quixel have just released Mixer 2020.  Just like Bridge 2020, Mixer 2020 has also been made completely free!  This version contains a massively updated UI, a revamped 3D brush system, the Smart Material system and most importantly, the ability to directly paint on your own imported meshes, […]

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Pixelorama Screenshot

Pixelorama Pixel Art Tool

PixelORama is a free, open source (MIT licensed) pixel art application written using the Godot game engine in GDScript.  Version 0.5 was just recently released with the following features:Choosing between 6 tools – pencil, eraser, fill bucket, lighten/darken, color picker and rectangle select – and mapping them to both of your left and right mouse […]

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