LibGDX Tutorial 3: Basic graphics

Previous Part Table Of Contents Next Part   This is the part people always find the most fun, the actual act of putting graphics up on screen.  Let’s start with about the simplest project that we can.   We are going to display this sprite (created in this tutorial):   On screen.  One important thing […]

LibGDX Tutorial 6: Motion controls

Previous Part Table Of Contents Next Part   In the previous tutorial we looked at handling touch and gesture events.  These days, most mobile devices have very accurate motion detection capabilities, which LibGDX fully supports.  In this example we will look at how to handle motion as well as detect if a device supports certain […]

LibGDX LibGDX Tutorial 13: Physics with Box2D Part 3: Collisions

Previous Part Table Of Contents Next Part   So far we’ve covered creating a simple simulation then how to create physics bodies and apply forces to them now we look at dealing with collisions.  Truth of the matter is, most of the work is just done for us.  Let’s just right in with an example, […]

LibGDX Tutorial 8: Audio

Previous Part Table Of Contents Next Part   This section is going to be rather small because, well frankly, LibGDX makes audio incredibly easy.  Unlike previous tutorials, this one is going to contain a number of snippets.  LibGDX supports 3 audio formats: ogg, mp3 and wav.  MP3 is a format that is mired in legal […]

3D models and animation from Blender to LibGDX

  Let me start off by saying that exporting from Blender is always a pain in the ass.  This experience didn’t prove to be an exception.  I will describe the process in some detail.   First and foremost, Blender 2.69 DIDNT work.  At least not for me, not matter what I did, Blender 2.69 would […]

LibGDX Video Tutorial Series

LibGDX Tutorial Series Welcome to the LibGDX tutorial series. Select a link below to expand and view the video. Each video is available in 1080p resolution on YouTube. Where applicable, there will also be a post to a page with full source examples for each tutorial. If you prefer text based tutorials to video, […]

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