Tiled 0.17 Released


Version 0.17 of the popular open source map editor Tiled was released today.  Tiled is completely free and open source with the code hosted on Github.  If you are interested in learning more about Tiled, we have a complete tutorial series here on GameFromScratch.tiled  Tiled is supported by just about every 2D game engine available.

No doubt the most prominent feature of this release is the ability to customize Tiled across all platforms using themes including a new, ever popular, dark theme (shown right).   Custom properties were also extended to include colors and files, with the appropriate dialog popping up.  There were also several usability updates, detailed below.


The changelog from the release notes:

  • Added a platform-independent theme, which can be dark (#786)
  • Added Paste in Place action for objects (#1257)
  • Added custom property type ‘color’ (#1275)
  • Added custom property type ‘file’ (#1278)
  • Added option for removing invisible objects in resize dialog (#1032, by Mamed Ibrahimov)
  • Added support for editing multi-line string properties (#205)
  • Added %layername and %objectid to available command variables
  • Added support for scrolling in tileset view with middle mouse button (#1050, with Will Luongo)
  • Added a rectangle erase mode to the eraser (#1297)
  • Added export to Defold .tilemap files (#1316, by Nikita Razdobreev)
  • Added simple full screen mode
  • Added “Copy File Path” and “Open Containing Folder” actions to tab context menu
  • Added warning when saving with the wrong file extension
  • Added color picker for setting transparent color of a tileset (#1173, by Ava Brumfield)
  • Various object selection tool improvements
  • Allow creating rectangle/ellipse objects in any direction (#1300)
  • Enabled nested views and grouped dragging for stacked views (#1291)
  • Fixed updating object drag cursor when exiting resize handles (#1277)
  • Fixed tile animations to stay in sync when changing them (#1288)
  • Fixed preservation of tile meta-data when tileset width is changed (#1315)
  • Windows and OS X releases now built against Qt 5.7
  • Updated Bulgarian, Dutch, German, Norwegian Bokmål, Russian, Spanish and Turkish translations

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