Torque 3D 3.10 Released


There has been a new release of the MIT licensed open source 3D game engine Torque, bringing it to version 3.10.  Originally intended as a fairly minor update, this release ended up adding some rather significant new features, such as Mac OS support.   Other new features announced in this release:

    • Mac OSX support
    • Ipv6 support
    • OpenAL-Soft for audio
    • Hardware Skinning support
    • OpenVR(Vive) support
    • Updates to various libraries such as PhysX, Bullet, libVorbis, libOGG, libPNG, SDL, and recast.


The post also went on to discuss intentions for the upcoming 4.0 release.  The actual discussion of upcoming changes is far to large to be quoted below, so I recommend reading the full thread for more details on what’s planned for Torque 4.0.

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