TreeIt Free Tree Creation Software

Today we are looking at TreeIt, a completely free Windows application for creating game textured and multi-LOD models in just a few seconds.  TreeIt is made by Evolved Software and has the following features:

  • Very easy to create top quality 3D trees models.
  • Create any tree, not limited to just one tree type.
  • Edit each joint as well as break joints.
  • Render to image for leaf creation.
  • Adjustable LOD.
  • Exports to *.dbo *.fbx *.obj *.x .
  • Free.

While TreeIt ships with several textures making it easy to get started creating trees, you can also download several preconfigured trees from the tree library.  Check out TreeIt in action in the video below, including a quick step by step tutorial on importing your model into the Godot game engine.

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