TripoSR – Create 3D Models from a Single Image (maker of Stable Diffusion) and partnered to create the just released TripoSR. TripeSR is used to create 3D models from a single image in seconds. As you can see from the video below the results are certainly mixed, not even close to game ready, but hinting at incredible future potential.

Details from the release:

  • Today we are releasing TripoSR in partnership with Tripo AI, generating high-quality 3D models from a single image in under a second.
  • TripoSR runs under low inference budgets (even without a GPU), which is both accessible and practical for a wide range of users and applications.
  • The model weights and source code are available for download here under the MIT license, allowing commercialized, personal, and research use. 

We have partnered with Tripo AI to develop TripoSR, a fast 3D object reconstruction model inspired by the recent work of LRM: Large Reconstruction Model For Single Image to 3D. This new image-to-3D model is designed to cater to the growing demands of entertainment, gaming, industrial design, and architecture professionals, with responsive outputs for visualizing detailed 3D objects.

Technical Details

Our training data preparation incorporates diverse data rendering techniques that more closely replicate the distribution of images found in the real world, significantly improving the model’s ability to generalize. We carefully curated a CC-BY, a higher-quality subset of the Objaverse dataset, for the training data. On the model side, we also introduced several technical improvements over the base LRM model, including channel number optimization, mask supervision, and a more efficient crop rendering strategy. You can read the technical report for more details. 

We invite developers, designers, and creators to explore its capabilities, contribute to its evolution, and discover its potential to transform their work and industries. 

The code for the TripoSR model is now available on Tripo AI’s GitHub, and the model weights are available on Hugging Face. Please refer to our technical report for more details on the TripoSR model.

Key Links

Tripo3D homepage announcement

Objaverse (Training Dataset behind Tripo3D)

You can learn more about Tripo3D and see the results in action in the video below.

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