W4 Games Launch W4 Cloud Complete Godot Multiplayer Solution

W4 Games, a company formed by several key Godot developers to create a commercial ecosystem around the Godot game engine, just launched their second product (the first being W4 Console) W4 Cloud. W4 Cloud is a complete multiplayer stack for the Godot game engine providing the following features:

  • Player authentication and authorization
  • Public and private user lobby system
  • Automatic matchmaking with configurable profiles
  • Auto-scaling dedicated game servers
  • Customizable database for game data (user profiles, achievements, etc); and
  • Storage support for DLCs and large files (cloud saves, DLCs, etc).

The project is free and open source (under the AGPL license) meaning as long as you are willing to setup and host your own servers, you can do so at no cost. It is assumed that W4 Games will also run hosted W4 Games servers under a typical SaaS license, but no costs have yet been disclosed.

Key Links

W4 Games W4 Cloud Announcement

W4 Cloud SDK Homepage

W4 Cloud Documentation

W4 Games GitLab Repository

You can learn more about Godot, W4 Games and the new W4 Cloud networking solution in the video below.

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