Unity 2020.2 Beta Released

Unity 2020.2 beta is here and given the released number of releases that Unity are going to do annually, that makes this a more significant release than in the past. This beta release includes several system level and quality of life improvements including:

  • Support for C# 8
  • Dark Mode IDE support (this was actually added to previous versions as well)
  • C# compiler and IL2CPP compiler improvements
  • EIP, or Editor Iteration Profiler, to help identify bottlenecks during domain reloads
  • Unity Safe Mode for troubleshooting script errors on startup
  • Profiler improvements
  • New localization and UI design packages
  • URP and HDRP pipelines both improved
  • VFX Graph output events (lights, sounds, physics and custom C# code call-outs)
  • Shader Graph
  • New UI designer tools
  • 2D tools streamlined, repackaged and improved
  • Support for Apple ARM on desktop architecture
  • Much, much more.

Be sure to check out the complete release notes for more details on the changes in Unity 2020.2. You can also learn more about the release in the video below, including a small rant about one of the biggest problems facing Unity these days… fragmentation and stability.

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