Unity 2023 Released

Following last month’s release of Unity 2022 LTS, Unity have just released Unity 2023. The Unity 2023 release is a tech stream release which adds new features but will not receive the same amount of support as the LTS release. So if you are looking to try out the newest features, the Tech Stream release is for you. If you are looking to start a project and want as stable a development environment as possible, you want the LTS version.

Key features of the Unity 2023 tech stream release include:

  • screen space lens flares
  • improved water system including water excluder and water deformer as well as the new foam generator
  • transparency and subsurface scattering improvements for the HDRP
  • hair and skin improvements
  • ray tracing API and raytracing HDRP features now production ready
  • adaptive probe volumes
  • new light baker ‘LightBaker’ is now version 1.0
  • volumetric fog output in the VFX graph
  • support for ARM on Windows platforms
  • experimental UTP, Unity Transfer Protocol, low level networking
  • experimental Multiplayer Play Mode (MPPM) making it easy to simulate multiplayers for testing on a single machine
  • various editor changes and UX improvements

Unity 2023 tech stream is available for download using the Unity Hub.

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Announcement Blog

Release Notes

You can learn more about the Unity 2023 release and see the new Water Systems and Lens Flare features in action in the video below.

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