Unreal July 2023 Asset Giveaway

It is time for the July 2023 Unreal Engine asset giveaway. The first Tuesday of every month Epic Games give away a number of Unreal Engines from the UE Asset Marketplace and July is no exception. This month we have 5 “Free for the Month” assets, that are yours to keep forever if purchased (for zero dollars) before the first Tuesday in August.

This months free Unreal Engine assets include:

The Bazaar

Big Niagara Bundle

Landscaping Engine Plugin

Brutalist Architecture Office

Modular Goblin Warrior

The free for the month assets are also available here. Epic Games also has a large collection of Permanently Free assets available here.

If you are interested in using Unreal Engine assets in other tools or engines, after checking the license to make sure it’s permitted, you can check out our technical guide on exporting from Unreal Engine to Unity, Godot or Blender here.

You can check out the Unreal Engine free assets for July 2023 and see them all in action in the video below.

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