Unity AI Muse Tools Review

Unity have recently announced that all 5 in development Unity AI tools are available inside the Unity editor. They have also made a 2 week free trial available for everyone to test them out. So that is exactly what we have done, going hands-on with Muse Sprite, Muse Texture, Muse Chat, Muse Behavior and Muse Animate. Unity describes each of these tools as follows:


Use simple, natural input – a prompt, an image, a doodle – to instantly generate game-ready textures in any style, all inside your project in the Unity Editor.


Produce 2D art instantly, directly in the Unity Editor. With just a few simple prompts, you’ll receive a selection of modifiable, scene-ready sprites in seconds.


Solve challenging problems, get ideas for your project, and generate usable code through conversational AI chat that guides you on your creation process.

Animate (Prerelease)

Bring humanoid characters to life with just a few text prompts, saving hours of traditional setups – designed for both aspiring and seasoned animators.

Behavior (Prerelease)

Instantly set up character interactions with Muse Behavior. Simply describe the desired behaviors and Unity Muse will create behavior trees in the Unity Editor.

Key Links

Muse Homepage

Muse Update Blog

You can learn more about the Unity Muse AI tools and see each of them in action in the video below. In this review we answer the question “Are Unity AI Muse tools any good?”

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