Unity and Intel Optimus: Unity Editor has stopped working fix


So I fired up Unity today on my laptop and




Oh dear, this isn’t good.  After some playing around it turns out Unity doesn’t play well with Intel GPUs right now.  Thing is, I don’t have an Intel GPU, I’m running an nVidia GTX765.  Enter Optimus.


What’s Optimus?  It’s an Intel technology that allows your computer to pick between using the integrated chipset to save memory or the dedicated GPU for performance.  The fix is pretty simple, set Unity to run on the nVidia GPU.


Open the nVidia control panel.

Select Manage 3D Settings



Select the Program Settings tab and Click the Add button.



Select Unity then click Add Selected Program



In the Select the preferred graphics processor for this program dropdown, select High-Performance nVIdia



Click Apply.


Load Unity.  VOILA!  No more crash.

Now, if you happen to have only an Intel GPU, um… sorry.


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