Unity Particle Effect Publisher Sale and Giveaway

Over on the Unity Asset Store, Unity are running another publisher sale on particle effects from 3 different publishers. In addition to offering a number of assets from Kripto289, Archanor VFX, and HOVL Studio for 50% off, there is also a free asset from each publisher available for free when you use the code PARTICLEPARTY at checkout, no purchase is necessary, but you do have to have a valid Asset Store account.

The Free assets include:

Realistic Effects Pack 3

Dazzle your players with high-quality, hyperrealistic effects that go way beyond colorful flashes of lights, and come with distortion and other bells and whistles.

Action RPG

VFX Designed for top-down ARPGs, these particle effects will put a spell on you with ample item indicators, portals, resource orbs, click effects, and more.

AOE Magic Spells Vol. 1

Complete with sound and cool VFX, these “Area of Effect” particles feature a variety of techniques, including the use of 3D meshes to produce top-notch effects for your game.

Once ‘purchased’, the assets are yours forever. Do be sure to act quickly though, as the sale ends on October 9th, 2021. You can learn more about the Unity particle effects publisher sale in the video below. Links above may contain an affiliate code that pays GFS a small commission (and thanks so much if you use them).

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