Unity Release Patch 5.3.7p2


Following hot on the release of Unity Patch 5.4.3p1 earlier this week, we just received patch 5.3.7p2.  Notice that these are two completely separate branches of Unity, 5.3.x and 5.4.x.  Both have seen the Oculus VR SDK updated to 1.10 with the most recent patches.


From the release notes:

  • macOS/iOS/tvOS: Allow developers to use Xcode’s manual signing paradigm by specifying a provisioning profile in Player Settings.
  • VR: Updated Oculus to version 1.10.
  • (832578) – Audio: Fixed an issue which prevented streaming audio loading on 32-bit Apple devices which were upgraded to iOS 10.
  • (814160) – Editor: Fixed the logType passed to LogCallback in the event of an unhandled exception.
  • (833866) – Editor: Tweaked the output of the generated Visual Studio solution file to better match Visual Studio standard format to fix problems opening Unity generated projects with Rider GUI.
  • (832595) – Graphics: Fixed a crash when switching scenes whilst reflection probes are updating.
  • (769758) – Graphics: Fixed selection of objects in Scene View if the scene contains reflective water.
  • (849701) – IL2CPP: Fixed a crash that could occur in the player when a virtual method was called on a value type and that value type implemented an interface which had an overload of that virtual method.
  • (849072) – IL2CPP: Implemented the array SetValue method for arrays of nullable types.
  • (847838) – IL2CPP: Prevented a compiler error in generated C++ code when calling Interlocked.CompareExchange from some managed code.
  • (845174) – IL2CPP: Prevented a stack overflow exception in the player at run time when an infinitely nested generic method is used.
  • (845448) – UI: Fixed Sprite Packer not packing sprites with ETC1 when compressing sprites for android.
  • (846096) – UI: Fixed threading problem when computing bounds which could lead to an infinite loop in the UI system.
  • (721071) – UI: Fixed Transparency not being applied to UI Elements if ETC1 compression is used combined with having specified a Packing Tag.

As always the patch can be downloaded here.

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