Unity Release Patch 5.6.2p3

Even with the release of the newly branded Unity 2017 series, the previous 5.6.x branch is still being maintained.  Today Unity released patch 5.6.2p3.  Other than some changes to logos to match new branding, this patch consists entirely of fixes, including:

  • Editor: Updated Unity logos in About Window and Update Window to match new branding.
  • (917931) – 2D: Fixed an issue where adjusting Collider2D’s Offset when Using Tiled Draw Mode and Auto Tiling would result in inconsistent behaviour.
  • (918524) – 2D: Fixed an issue where the Editor becomes unresponsive when switching from OpenGL to Metal with a tiled sprite in the scene.
  • (920360) – Android: Buildpipe – correctly split resources between APK and OBB when building with LZ4.
  • (924523) – Android: Gradle – Removed debuggable from Manifest when creating APK.
  • (924519 Android: Gradle – Make sure unity3d and other files from raw/ are uncompressed in the APK.
  • (none) – Android: Gradle – Handle too many errors; filter out warnings and detect too long error list.
  • (924517) – Android: Gradle – don’t explicitly set debuggable attribute when building with Gradle to avoid lint security warning.
  • (924516) – Android: Fixed the NamePhonePad flag.
  • (922898) – Android: Moved GoogleVR initialisation to run on UI Thread thus fixing startup crash.
  • (887824) – Android: Gradle – Support custom library build.gradle files.
  • (918606) – Android: Fixed an issue with enabling Split Application Binary flag in Android player settings would affect other platforms.
  • (919308) – Android: Fixed an issue with alpha texture size in ETC1 texture compression with split alpha.
  • (925444) – Animation: Fixed layer root motion broken on standalone.
  • (914365) – Animation: Fixed a crash in PlayableTraverser::RootByType that was triggered when disabling a GameObject by using OnStateMachineExit.
  • (901588) – Editor: Restored SRGB write state after internal override.
  • (915524) – Editor: Fixed the case of “Generate Lighting” drop down menu being hidden when inspector was resized to minimal width.
  • (none) – GI Progressive Lightmapper: Fixed a crash in light probe rendering occurring when changing or removing probes.
  • (912603) – Graphics: Fixed sRGB flag returning false on the LDR target texture from a HDR to LDR image effect in a linear project.
  • (923842) – Graphics: Fixed an issue where overlapping cameras drawing to the same target would not composite correctly
  • (913828) – Graphics: Fixed an issue where a ComputeBuffer applied to a Material Block doesn’t take effect when drawing via DrawMesh*Indirect.
  • (918788) – Graphics: Fixed a rare crash/hang which, could happen in very complex scenes, when graphics jobs were enabled.
  • (912723) – Graphics: Fixed a crash triggered by setting the SkinnedMeshRenderer.updateWhenOffscreen flag to true via a script.
  • (923517) – IL2CPP: Fixed an issue with setting enum type fields in .NET 4x with relfection using an integer value.
  • (894273) – iOS: Fixed an issue where iOS screen info was retrieved for every request instead of being cached
  • (880426) – Linux: Added an additional fix for uninitialized screen dimensions(/mouse input) at startup with some window managers.
  • (924516) – UI: For Name content type, use NamePhonePad touch screen keyboard type.

The patch is available for download for Windows and Mac OS here.

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