Unity Spring Sale + Synty Super Sale + 2x Humble Bundles

There are a number of game development deals that launched today including the Unity Spring Sale, the Synty Super Sale and a pair of Humble Bundles.

The Unity Asset Store Spring Sale is an annual sale where you can get 500+ popular Unity assets 50% off. In addition there are a series of Flash Deals that start at 80% off, then as they sell out, the savings drops to 70%, then 60% and finally settles at 50%.

The Synty Super Sale is a huge collection of Synty low polygon assets for sale, also 50% off. When purchased from Synty (instead of Unreal or Unity asset store), you get the source objects as well as Unity and Unreal versions. Additionally they have a featured content pack on sale for 70% off each week (of the 3 week sale).

There are also two new Humble Bundles of interest to game developers, the Programmer Bootcamp: Python, JavaScript and More is a collection of e-books on a number of topics including the Unity engine and the Go, Python, JavaScript and other programming languages. There is also the 7000+ GameDev Icons bundle, a collection of … well, 7,000+ game dev related icons. These join the already running Grand GameDev Toolbox bundle, the MegaSound bundle with the excellent Mixcraft 9 DAW, the GameMaking Bundle containing AppGameKit, GameGuru and more as well as the about to expire RPG Asset Bundle.

You can learn more about all of these deals, bundles and sales in the video below. The above links may contain an affiliate code that pays GFS a commission if used (and thanks so much for the support if you do!).

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