Unity Release Unity 2021.1 LTS

Unity Technolgies have just released Unity 2021.LTS, the long term supported more stable version of the game engine (as opposed to the more cutting edge, but less stable Tech Stream releases). There was a heavy focus in this release on stability and performance, areas where I think the majority of Unity developers will appreciate. This focus however does not mean Unity 2021 LTS doesn’t have new features.

New Programmer Features:

  • Updated C# 8 and .NET support
  • Faster Builds
  • Faster asset imports
  • Faster runtime with IL2CPP
  • Improved graphics performance
  • Optimized mobile programming
  • Profiling and testing improvements
  • XR updates (AR & VR)

New Artist & Designer Features:

  • User interface design improvements with UI Toolkit
  • Improvements to terrain tools and Speedtree integration
  • 2D improvements ( PSD improvements , reusable skeletons)
  • URP and HDRP improvements including upsampling technologies like DLSS and FXR
  • VFX Graph and Shader Graph improvements
  • Unity Visual Scripting natively available in Unity editor
  • Cinematics improvements

Key Links

Unity 2021 LTS Release Overview

Features For Programmers

Features for Artists

Updated Terrain Sample Project

You can learn more about the Unity 2021 LTS release in the video below.

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