Unreal Engine April 2021 Marketplace Free Assets

Epic Games are continuing their Unreal Engine marketplace free assets giveaway into April of 2021. This months collection is a bit on the underwhelming side, with 5 free assets, so long as you “buy” them (for $0) before the first Tuesday of next month, these assets are yours to keep forever.

This months free assets include:

You can access this months free assets here, although do be aware that the Farm Animals Sounds asset still has a price tag attach as of the time of publishing.

In additional Unreal Engine news, after the acquisition of RAD Game Tools earlier this year, Epic Games have announced that RAD’s compression technology Ooodle is now free to use. It is currently only in the GitHub branch, so you need to build Unreal Engine to get access to it. Oodles technology will be incorporated into future binary builds of Unreal Engine 4.27 and in Unreal Engine 5.

You can learn more about this April Unreal Engine Marketplace free assets in the video below.

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