Unreal Engine Blueprint Ninja SWAG Update

Near the end of 2021 Epic Games ran the Unreal Engine Blueprint Ninja challenge, with a box of $110USD worth of real-world SWAG as a reward. Due to the numerous issues going on it the world today, to say nothing of the logistics of shipping physical goods, those shipments have been delayed. Today you should have received the following email if you completed the Blueprint Ninja challenge:

Hello Ninjas,

We are overwhelmed by the success and excitement of the Blueprint Ninja Challenge—thank you for participating!

As you may know, we are sending free SWAG to everyone that completed the challenge.  Unfortunately, we have not been able to ship that SWAG as fast as we would like.

So here’s the plan:

We’re going to start hand-packing SWAG boxes for you today. It might take a bit—maybe even a few months—but we are going to fulfill our end of the deal. Because we know you fulfilled yours.

How to speed things up:

To make sure we are sending your SWAG to the correct address, we are asking everyone to resubmit their full address in English. Please update your address now by clicking the “start” button below.

And thanks for being patient with us! We know waiting is no fun. We hope to have something for you soon.

All the best, The Unreal Online Learning Team

Be sure to click the survey link in the email, where you will need to provide your address information, the email of your account (and of your Unreal Engine account if different), as well as your t-shirt size. I am unsure what will happen if you do not provide this information. You can learn more about the update to the Unreal Engine Blueprint Ninja SWAG in the video below.

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