Unreal Engine Education Week Asset Giveaway

In addition to the already announced Unreal Engine monthly giveaway, Epic Games have announced several free assets as part of their Education Week initiatives. The Unreal Engine assets are evenly split between time limited (get them by November 1st) and additions to the permanently free collection.

The assets available for free until November 1st (once “purchased” they are yours forever by the way) are:

Meanwhile, the following 3 assets have been added to the permanently free collection:

These assets are being given away to support educators and students as part of their Education Week 2021 efforts.

From October 25-29, you can explore Unreal Engine from nearly every angle. We have career and portfolio tips, project breakdowns, a special livestream (with special guests), student and educator interviews, learning resources—you name it, and it’s probably here. So no matter who you are—student, teacher, self-taught dev—you’ll find something that will help you along your journey as a creator.

And if that wasn’t enough, we are also releasing free Marketplace assets for the Education community! They’ll be free to download and use in Unreal Engine.

You can learn more about the free Unreal Engine assets for Education Week in the video below.

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