Visual Studio 2022 Adds Breakpoint Groups

Sometimes a basic feature is added to a decades old product and it can really change the way you work, with Visual Studio 2022 the addition of breakpoint groups could be exactly that feature. Breakpoint groups are exactly what they sound like, a way of organizing debugging breakpoints into groups, which can be toggled on or off or deleted entirely, in a single click.

Here is the description of Visual Studio breakpoint groups from the Microsoft Developer Blog:

Have you ever had a situation when you are debugging a complex scenario with a huge list of breakpoints, and you find yourself scrolling and tapping in the breakpoints windows to disable/enable them individually and repetitively?

Then the new Breakpoint Groups feature in Visual Studio may be the answer for you. This feature will allow you to create named breakpoint groups with any number of breakpoints in them. This provides a way to customize the breakpoint configuration and toggle breakpoints individually or in combination making debugging, testing, and troubleshooting faster and more effective.

Breakpoint Groups is now available in Visual Studio’s 17.6 P2 and will become a staple of the debugging process for many developers.

Breakpoint Groups

Breakpoint groups can simplify and organize the debugging process by allowing you to create separate breakpoint groups that correspond to distinct aspects of the application, such as individual functions, modules, or even projects. This organization makes it easy to switch between different debugging scenarios, test different theories, and track the results of each debugging session.

Breakpoint groups are a feature in Visual Studio 17.6 preview, which can be installed side by side with existing Visual Studio 2022 installs. Of course breakpoint groups are not the only addition in that preview release.

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Release Notes

You can learn more about Debugger Breakpoint groups in Visual Studio 2022 Preview and see them in action in the video below.

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