W4 Games Release Godot W4 Console Pricing

W4 Games, the Godot focused development company which just received an additional $15M in funding, just announced pricing for W4 Console. W4 Console is described as:

W4 Consoles is a middleware software that serves as a technology layer, enabling seamless portability of games across multiple target platforms (Nintendo Switch™, Xbox Series X|S™, PlayStation®5), providing a standardized framework for efficient game porting.

The pricing for W4 Games was just announced as follows:

Game team size max820Unlimited
One platform$800 /yr per team$4,000 /yr per teamCustom pricing
Two platforms$1,500 /yr per team$7,500 /yr per teamCustom pricing
Three platforms$2,000 /yr per team$10,000 /yr per teamCustom pricing
Publisher/Porting house allowed✖️✔️✔️
Source code✔️✔️✔️
Ongoing updates✔️✔️✔️
Bug handlingStandardExpeditedExpedited
Premium support✖️Optional✔️
Emergency escalations✖️OptionalOptional
Success manager✖️✖️Optional

You can learn more about the Godot W4 Consoles pricing here and in the video below.

EDIT – This video was reuploaded to fix an error in pricing.

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