Godot Powered W4 Games Gets $15M Investment

W4 Games, a commercial company started to support the Godot ecosystem by several key Godot Engine developers, just received a huge investment, $15,000,000 specifically. This is the second round of investments they have received, with the first being an $8.5M investment in September 2022.

Details of the new investment from the W4Games blog:

We at W4 Games are going all-in on the creation of an ecosystem with the Godot Engine at its center. The free, open-source technology of the Godot Engine empowers developers to create stunning 2D and 3D games, and we believe it will become the most used game engine in the world within the decade, driving video game development to new heights. It is already the preferred game engine for new generations of game developers and will scale exponentially further thanks to its fast learning curve, intuitive design, and a fast-growing and welcoming community.

To help drive our continuing growth, we are thrilled to announce a new $15M Series A funding round led by OSS Capital and Naval Ravikant (AngelList and AirChat co-founder). Other investors include Justin Hoffman (Ex Elastic), Larry Augustin (Ex SugarCRM), Alex Atallah (Co-founder of OpenSea), Thomas Dohmke (CEO of GitHub), Diogo Mónica (Founder of Anchorage Digital), Scott Williamson (Ex GitLab) and more notable founders and executives in the commercial open-source ecosystem.

W4 Games will strengthen our role within the Godot ecosystem by supporting its open-source development and continuing to build products and services to facilitate Godot’s expansion, such as W4 Consoles (an approved middleware console porting solution for Godot games) and W4 Cloud (multi-tenant service to support millions of users). Moreover, we will target international expansion across North America, Europe, and Asia, and the development of a new Godot education program.

With this new funding, W4 Games aims to more than double its headcount in the coming 18 months to capture the fast-growing demand for its products and services.

You can learn more about this investment in W4 Games and it’s impact on the Godot ecosystem in the video below.

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