Wicked Engine in 2023

The Wicked Engine is a free and open source game engine we’ve had our eyes on for a while. We first covered it back in 2019, then revisited it in 2022 then mentioned it in our Underrated Game Engines round-up just a few weeks back. Amazingly enough, since that video was produced, there have been three major developments on the game engine.

First, the game engine got a much needed website face lift! Second, announced in a pair of Tweets, Wicked Engine gained support for two major platforms, the Xbox Series and the PlayStation 5!

Xbox Series Support Announcement
PlayStation 5 Support Announcement

If you are looking for an open source C++ based game engine for Windows and Linux, with support for several different platforms, as well as Lua scripting support and a full functioning light weight game editor, Wicked Engine is certainly worth a look!

Key Links

Wicked Engine New Homepage

Wicked Engine on Steam

Wicked Engine on GitHub

Wicked Engine Discord Server

You can learn more about Wicked Engine in 2023 and see it in action in the video below.

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