3D Prototyping library GDX-proto released today


jrenner/obfuscate( on reddit ) released his in development 3D engine, GDX-Proto earlier today.  In his own words:


GDX-Proto is a lightweight 3d engine built with two main objectives:

  • Provide an open source codebase showing how to do many basic and essential things for 3d games with libgdx, a cross-platform Java game framework.
  • Provide a simple, extensible 3d engine that takes care of lower-level things such as physics and networking.


While the current version is implemented as a First Person Shooter (FPS) demo, the code is highly adaptable for other uses, without too much work.

Overview of Features

  • Basic 3d rendering using a slightly modified version of the default libgdx 3d shader. It takes advantage of the new libgdx 3D API.
  • 3D Particle system based on the new libgdx 3d particle system (version 1.2.1+, not included in 1.2.0)
  • The Bullet physics library is used for collision detection, but not for collision resolution. This allows for fast and efficient collision detection without the performance penalties of a fully simulated bullet world. A default collision resolution system is included in the Physics class, but it can be modifided to suit your needs.
  • Raycasting for projectile hit detection
  • Supports local or online play
  • KryoNet based
  • Mix of TCP and UDP where appropriate
  • Entity interpolation
  • Client prediction (for movement only, not yet implemented for projectiles)
  • Simple chat system
  • Supports libgdx headless backend for creating a headless server, such as on a VPS
  • Server transmits level geometry to client upon connection
  • "The server is the man": Most logic is run server-side to prevent cheats or hacking.
  • Basic Entity system with DynamicEntities, represented by either Decals (Billboard sprites) or 3D models
  • Movement component class handles acceleration, velocity, position, rotation, max speeds
  • Subclasses of Movement: GroundMovement and FlyingMovement
  • Optional logging to file, see Log class


Right now it’s pretty early on.  It’s not actually a library as of yet, but instead a single project with a sample FPS.  In the future I believe it will be refactored into a more traditional library.  Right now though, it does provide a solid foundation for building a 3D game on top of LibGDX.  Right now, LibGDX provides only a relatively low level 3D layer and this project builds on top of it.


Getting started is extremely simple.  First clone the git:

git clone https://github.com/jrenner/gdx-proto.git

Then run the project:

gradlew desktop:run




You can navigate around using standard WASD keys.  For the Gradle averse that want to type the demo out, you can download a playable jar here.  The entire project is available on Github here.


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