Amazon Lumberyard 1.9 Released


Amazon have released version 1.9 of the Lumberyard game engine.  Lumberyard is a fork of Crytek’s CryEngine, used in such titles as Crysis, Ryse, MechWarrior Online and the massive Star Citizen, which has now switched to using Lumberyard.  It’s available for developers free of cost with the only caveat being use of Amazon’s online services.

The 1.9 release brings new functionality including:LY


  • New Player Account Cloud Gem for player authentication and management
  • Web portal for managing player data
  • Improvements to the Particle Editor
  • Express install option (thank goodness!) for easier installs
  • Blend layer updates (specular color and smoothness sliders)
  • New VR features, mostly starter projects
  • UI system improvements
  • Physically based shader reference examples compiled into a gem
  • New Comment component


You can read more details in the release notes available here.

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