Articy:Draft Betas for Unity Integration And Macro Dev Kit


Nevigo have just announced a pair of beta programs for articy:draft, the first for Unity integration, the second for their Macro Dev Kit.  articy:draft is a great program for game designers to design gameplay flow, inventory, characters and dialog trees.  It is a rather unique program I featured in this entry of the GameDev Toolbox series, should you want more information.


Details of the new products is somewhat limited, from the Nevigo website:Beta_Invitation_GIF_ANIM

Some time ago, we posted that we’re working on an articy:draft integration for Unity and something called the Macro Devkit (formerly known as the internal API).
In short the Macro Devkit allows you to develop your own customized plug-ins and helps to integrate articy:draft in your individual workflow.

As you might know we’re running a beta to test and improve these new features. This is your chance to play an active part in the development of articy:draft.


All you have to do is to write us an email to [email protected] and tell us why you want to test the software and what you plan to do with it. If you qualify as a beta partner we’ll contact you with further instructions on how you can test these new features.


The following teaser video illustrates the Unity integration in action:


The macro dev kit is a bit of a confusing rename of what they previously referred to as the internal API.  Basically it enables you to integrate articy:draft into your own code.  The following video illustrates the Macro Dev Kit in action.

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