Asset Manager Studio for Unreal Engine

One of the very worst parts of working with Unreal Engine is the need to work with the Epic Games Launcher. The Launcher is slow, confusing and often consumes far more resources than it should. You do however require it if you want to install Unreal Engine, download and manage marketplace assets and much more. Thankfully a much lighter weight alternative exists, the Asset Manager Studio for Unreal Engine. Asset Manager Studio is a free download for Linux and Windows with Mac support a work in progress.

Key features of Asset Manager Studio include:

  • Extreamly fast startup time; fractional second for most CLI usage. Around 1 sec to be in the GUI.
  • Both scriptable CLI and GUI modes
  • Install Assets, Engines on Linux and Windows (and soon Mac).
  • Easily manage Engine, Projects and downloaded Assets, with handy GUI & context menus…
  • Fully integrated with the Epic API’s, you buy a new asset, it shows up automatically in your Assets list in the Launcher.
  • Login to Epic sites just as you normally do, even fully supports any authentication options you have setup like 2fa.
  • User friendly, Install and go!
  • Easy lightning fast filtering of your assets from both CLI inside the GUI.
  • Plugins can be installed in either the Engine or in any Projects!
  • Optimized to be fast, fast, fast.
  • Supports download marketplace Q&A for any/all owned assets.
  • Unreal Engine for Fortnite & Unreal Editor 4/5 supported
  • Compiling Plugins for the current engine
  • Disk cleanup & less download time for plugins.

There are several features planned for Asset Manager Studio as well with one feature it lacks being access to the marketplace. Thankfully there is an alternative interface to the Unreal Marketplace as well, in the form of the Orbital Market website.

Key Links

Asset Manager Studio Homepage

Our Orbital Marketplace Coverage

You can learn more about the Asset Manager Studio for Unreal Engine and see it in action in the video below.

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