Inkscape 1.3 Released

Open source vector graphics application Inkscape just released version 1.3. This release follows the 1.2 release back in May and adds several new features. Highlight new features in the Inkscape 1.3 release include:

  • new Shape Builder tool
  • new document resources dialog
  • ability to create custom font collections
  • new pattern tools including all new pattern editor
  • layers and objects dialog gets opacity and blend mode settings
  • new persistent snapping tool bar
  • ability to set margins and bleed in preparation for printing
  • new node lasso selection tool
  • Live Path Effects (LPE) dialog redesigned
  • PDF importer rewriten
  • better node deletion logic
  • ability to pin colors in the palette
  • filter editor redesigned
  • several small fixes and improvements

Key Links

Inkscape 1.3 Release Blog

Detailed Release Notes

You can learn more about the Inkscape 1.3 release and see the new Shape Builder and Lasso Tools in action in the video below.

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