Best of 2023 – 23 for $23 Unity Mega Bundle

There is a new bundle of interest to game developers, the Best of 2023 – 23 for $23 Unity Mega Bundle. This bundle contains only assets that we released on the Unity asset store in 2023. It is split into two tiers although frankly the pricing makes no sense, so it’s effectively 23 assets for $23 dollars.

20$ Tier

Dreamscape Nature Mountains – Stylized Open World Environment

Abandoned Industrial Factory Environment

RPG – Stylized Fantasy Environment

Mountain Lake – Forest Pack

Live Script Reload (on device Hot-Reload)

RPG Monster BUNDLE Polyart

Character Auras 3

UPixelator – Pixelize 3d Scenes

23$ Tier

Editor Enhancers Bundle

JU TPS 3 – Third Person Shooter GameKit + Vehicle Physics

Transitions Plus

Heat – Complete Modern UI

DLSS – Upscaling for Unity

Modular Stylized Character

MFPS Mobile

Dinosaurus Pack with Babies

Retro Horror Template

Breeze – Advanced Character Behaviour

GUI – Casual Fantasy

Better Fog: Height Fog, Light Scattering & More

Witch Hag Animations

Stylized Pirate Port City (Modular)

[HDRP] Medieval Fantasy Ruins – Dark Forest Environment

You can learn more about the 23 for $23 Best of 2023 Unity Mega Bundle in the video below. All links in this page contain an affiliate code that pays GFS a small commission if used (and thanks so much if you do!).

If you aren’t a Unity user, you can still export these assets to other engines, following these guides:

Unity to Godot in Seconds

Unity to Unreal Using Utu Plugin

Exporting From Unity to Other Engines and Blender

Asset Store Assets in Other Engines – Is It Legal?

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