Flax Engine 1.6 Released

Flax Engine was first released in 2020 and it has come an extremely long way in a relatively short period of time, with this weekend’s release of Flax Engine 1.6. This release has some pretty major new features, including:

  • .NET 7 and C# 11 support, as well as mixed managed/native debugging support and a new hot reload system for C# code
  • a move to PhysX 5.1 from 4.1 with new GPU simulation functionality
  • iOS platform support as well as all samples being update to handle touch on iPhone and iPad devices
  • the ability to develop on ARM devices (M1/M2) on Mac (joining Windows and Linux platform support)
  • animation retargetting as well as Anim Graph improvements
  • audio improvements including better spatial audio, HRTF audio and the ability to control Pan, Doppler Factor and Spatilization on audio sources
  • networking improvements including a new optional hierarchical network replication mechanism

Flax is a source available (not open source) game engine that is commercially licensed. It is free to use up until your first $250K per quarter in revenue, at which point there is a 4% royalty.

Key Links

Flax Engine Homepage

Flax Engine 1.6 Release Notes

Flax Engine Repository

You can learn more about the Flax Engine and the Flax Engine 1.6 release in the video below.

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