Blender Tools For Unreal Engine Released

Epic Games have just released a new set of tools aimed at making the lives of Blender users easier when working with Unreal Engine.  The tools consist of two projects, Send to Unreal and UE to Rigify.  Both are available on the Epic Games Github page, although you need to link your GitHub to your Epic account before it will work, instructions are available here.

Send to Unreal is a set of tools enabling you to easily export from Blender completely rigged, textured, and animated meshes with a single menu selection.  Send To Unreal documentation is available here.

UE to Rigify goes in the other direction and enables you to import Unreal Engine rigs into Blender and make them compatible with Rigify (which needs to be enabled separately).  UE to Rigidy documentation is available here.

You can see the new Blender Tools in action, including a step by step tutorial on using Send To Unreal, in the video below.  It should be noted that you need to configure Blender to use Unreal Engine 0.01 scale, which I personally found extremely buggy in the current release.  Details on scene scale are available here, however at the time of writing following these instructions caused Blender to crash every time I copied an armature into the Rig folder.  There is a good chance I did this part incorrectly in the tutorial, but it’s the only way I found to successfully export while not crashing Blender!

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