Camera Tracking in Blender


So I just ran into a recent problem with Blender that ended up having a very very simple answer.


Normally I do my animations in place with no movements along a certain axis.  However an animation I downloaded from Mixamo wasn’t in place and I had to get around it.  In fact, the animation looked like this:



My first thought was to simply delete all of the transform keys along Y axis.  It didn’t work, so then my thought was I could reset each key to the same position, but this quickly became a complete pain in the arse.  In the end, as I said, the answer was incredibly simple… track the translation of the model using the camera, leaving:






To do this, simply select and position the camera, then add a Copy Location constraint:



Pick the axis you are moving along, set the target to the Armature and pick a bone to aim at.  Done.


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