Defold Engine 1.2.127 Released

King have released another version of the free 2D game engine Defold.  This release saw improvements to their Spine animation support, GameObject hot reloading, In App Purchases for Android platforms and a web performance profiler.   If you are interested in learning more about the Defold game engine be sure to check out our complete tutorial series.Defold

Full details of this release from the release notes:


  • DEF-3243Added: Runtime resource profiler.
  • DEF-3255Added: Support for hot reloading game objects.
  • DEF-3253Added: Android IAP subscription support.
  • DEF-2686Added: API gui.get_spine_animation to get current playing spine animation on a GUI node.
  • DEF-3187Changed: Spine and Model refactoring.
  • DEF-3269Fixed: Issue when clearing OpenGL errors internally on HTML5.
  • DEF-3264Fixed: Better error message when broken textures were compiled.


  • DEFEDIT-1370Fixed: Improved fuzzy search algorithm for better results in the Open Resource dialog.
  • DEFEDIT-1371Fixed: Filter out non-editable resources (sounds, images) from Open Resource dialog.
  • DEFEDIT-1372Fixed: Project builds are now parallelized, which should significantly reduce build times.
  • DEFEDIT-1375Fixed: Fuzzy matching sometimes ranks full filename matches lower than partial matches.
  • DEFEDIT-1376Fixed: GLException when closing editor tab that failed to render due to an error.
  • DEFEDIT-1377Fixed: Crash when trying to use life stretch curves with particles.
  • DEFEDIT-1379Fixed: HTML5 build fails with response code 400 when using any dependencies.
  • DEFEDIT-1380Fixed: The Welcome dialog now links to the New Project Pane on first open.

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