First Unreal Engine 6 Details From Tim Sweeney

Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, just made a tweet that sheds some major insight into Unreal Engine 6, I believe the first details that have emerged about the upcoming version of the popular game engine.

The following conversation occurred on Twitter:

There is a lot of information packed into that short response:

  • Unreal Engine 6 is not coming in 2024
  • The Verse programming language will be a core feature of Unreal Engine 6 (much like Blueprints was a core feature of Unreal Engine 4)
  • The Metaverse economy is at the core of UE6

Now you may be wondering what exactly the metaverse economy is? My best guess is it’s FAB, their new online asset marketplace (currently for UEFN, but intended for all game engines). On top this will bring together all of the various purchases Epic Games have made over the years including Quixel, Capturing Reality, Sketchfab, ArtStation and of course the existing Unreal Engine Asset Marketplace.

You can learn more about the future of Unreal Engine 6, the verse programming language and the Fab marketplace in the video below.

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